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Are you looking for a UF parking decal alternative that's close to UF? Skip the bus! Walk to your UF classes in 2 minutes from your new parking space next to UF Infinity Hall!

Spring 2021 decals are on sale now! Park Next to UF from January 8, 2021 - May 5, 2021 for a one-time fee of $450.

Parking decals will NOT be available for purchase for Fall 2021.



Parking with us gives you the ability to walk to the most popular spots on campus. This location lets you walk to Library West, the UF Business School, Little Hall, Turlington, and Sorority Row in minutes.


Tired of dripping with sweat every time you walk into class? Parking spots are located directly next to a bus stop with direct routes to Norman Hall, Sorority Row, Beaty Towers & other on-campus locations.


Studying abroad or have an internship this fall or summer? Don't pay for an entire year. Spaces in the parking lot next to UF Inifinity Hall are rented by the semester so you don't have to pay for the months you aren't in Gainesville.

Park Near UF Lot at 1026 SW 2nd Ave - Decals now available for the Spring 2021 semester! Decals are a one-time fee of $450 for the entire Spring semester (January 8, 2021 - May 5, 2021).


Closer than Park and Ride UF to University of Florida Classes.

The Park Near UF Lot is located at 1026 SW 2nd Ave. Decals are now available for Spring 2021!

There are limited number of parking decals sold every semester, so be sure to reserve early! As you know, the demand for parking near the University of Florida is very high - parking spaces are sold on a first come, first serve basis. We don't oversell the lot.

Have questions? Email us at


Email us at with questions.


We will send out your decal before the start of the semester so that you can affix it to your car (bottom driver's side corner inside the front windshield).  Spring semester decals are valid only in their specific lot 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


Parking is on a first come, first serve basis - but we do not oversell the parking lots. We sell one parking decal for each parking space, which allows us to guarantee parking availability in the lots.


No substitute drivers or friends. Transferring decals from one car to another (or from one driver to another) will result in the suspension of all parking privileges, and the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense.


We do not have any oversized parking spaces. If you think that your car might be too big to fit into the spots, please email us the make and model at


Contact with any questions. Click here to download the application.

» Can I park in the lot overnight? 

       Yes, a valid decal allows you to park in the lot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from January 8, 2021 to May 5, 2021 for the Spring 2021 semester.

» Can I park in any of the Park Near UF lots? 

       No, you can not. You may only park in the lot your decal is for.

» Can I park in the parking lot on game days? 

       Yes, the decal is valid on UF Football game days. You must purchase a semester parking decal in order to park in a lot on game days.

» I'm looking for the closest parking to UF Infinity Hall. 

       Our parking lots are your best choice! They are located on lots adjacent to UF Infinity Hall dorm.

» Do you accept personal checks?

        Yes. Most UF students and faculty find personal checks to be the most convenient payment option. We also accept money orders and cashier checks. NO CASH. Need to get a money order? You can obtain a money order at most gas stations, Publix, etc.

What if you have already sold all of the semester parking decals before I mail in my payment? 

        If the parking lots are sold out when we receive your application and payment, we will immediately email you to let you know, and we will not deposit your payment. (We also email all parkers to confirm that we have received their applications as soon as we receive them and to confirm parking availability.) If all spots are sold when we receive your payment, you can choose to be put on the wait list or we can send back your check. There is a high demand for parking spots near UF- so send your application in now!

» How close are the parking lots to UF? 

       The parking lots are VERY close to UF and your University of Florida classes. Many students find that these lots are closer to their classes than their dorms!

» I have a broken leg and can't walk from the parking lot to my class. What bus route are the parking lots on?

       The parking lots are on Route 1, 46, and 25A. You can check out a map of the RTS Routes by going to The bus passes by at least every 20 minutes, and the next stop after Park Near UF is Norman Hall, followed by Sorority Row, Beaty Towers & more.

» How is parking monitored in the lots? 

       A Towing Company performs roam towing in the Park Near UF parking lots. If they find a car without a decal (or a decal affixed to a car other than the car listed on the parking application), they will tow or boot the car at the owner's expense. This helps guarantee YOU a spot- because everyone wants to park near UF!

» What time is the lot open? 

       The parking lots are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from January 8 - May 5, 2021 for the Spring 2021 semester.

» How can I quickly get to UF Sorority Row or other Museum Road parts of campus? 

       Just hop on the bus outside the parking lot.

» I have a question that's not on this list. What do I do? 

       Email us at


Few decals are left for the Spring 2021 semsester! Enter your information here to see if you are eligible to reserve today!


As much as we appreciate your patronage, check out this complete listing of Gainesville Apartments (including renovated historic houses) and Apartments Near Sorority Row UF all walking distance to UF Classes & UF Sorority Row. Don't park and walk, just walk from your apartment near UF!

1026 SW 2nd Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32601

321 SW 13th Street
Gainesville, FL 32601

Phone: (352) 376-6223